On Oct 22th, The Lions participated in a competition with 7 other teams at Ulink school. This was also my first time playing in an Ultimate Frisbee competition.

The competition lasted about 7 hours, from 8 am to 3 pm. During the day, everyone played hard and did their best. Though there were many Grade 10s this time, each of them performed actively, especially Lionel from BC10A and Jeno from BC10B. Furthermore, our coach Mr. Chen encouraged students from Grade 10 to try as much as possible. Eventually, the Lions earned third place.

Our opponents were YK Pao, Hongwen, YWIES, Wanyuan, Ulink, and Jiaoke. No matter whether we won or lost the games, we always encouraged each other and sometimes told others about the mistakes they made in the games. In addition, upperclassmen like Sanford, Lucia, Irving, Jenny, and Vadar always gave some advice to the other teammates after the games. I remembered in the afternoon when we finished the game with Hongwen, Jenny from BC11C taught me and another Grade 10 patiently how to play defense the right way. She showed us the right stance and answered our questions. She deserved the most spirited prize in our team.

As someone who entered such a competition for the first time with the Lions, I enjoyed it very much. We had lunch together, sitting on the playground, discussing how to play good defense and giving each other some advice according to the performance we had in the morning, just like a big family in which all of us are connected together by Ultimate frisbee.